Tony Valley

Tony Valley discovered his passion for playing music at 14, after he broke his leg riding BMX. Tony already had an interest in music, having developed his ear and a knack for vocal harmonies through singing along to his father’s old 8 tracks of the Eagles. Hoping to curb Tony’s interest in the art of bicycle stunts, Tony’s parents offered to buy him a guitar. The rest, as they say “is history”.

Tony attended college and took courses in music and business management. He was developing his skill and his presence on the stage. Tony eventually began performing and touring the Northeast with the hard rock band Steadfast.

In pursuit of success in the west, the band made their way to Los Angeles.  After just a few months on the West Coast Steadfast disbanded and Tony made his way back home.

Over the years Tony has been a member of numerous ensembles, ranging through different musical genres but always harkening back to Rock and Roll roots.

In early 2000,  he found notable success while performing with the band Cola, (A.K.A.) EC Engine. Together the group landed a management deal with New York based, Avenue Management Group. Tony got to play huge events like Locobazooka in its glory days of audiences 15,000 strong.

Even after the members of EC Engine went their separate ways Tony was able to maintain his association with the management group in NYC. This connection allowed Tony to form working relationships with other talented music professionals and national acts, who have utilized Tony’s talents in the studio and on tour. Many of these friendships have lasted to this day.

These days, Tony takes it easy. He stays a little closer to home, and though he isn’t performing in many arenas, Tony is fulfilled and doing what he loves, with people he loves. Cooking his secret recipe Pizza Pies,  Entertaining at local venues, breathing life and music into parties and teaching the performers of tomorrow all that he’s learned through the years. 

Musician, artist, teacher

Contact Tony 413-219-3421